February 20, 2018

Filling the void with love

Featuring Raindale Lovington Gacha at The Liaison Collaborative.


Raindale Furniture by Keira Lans.
 Raindale → Mainstore ‖‖ Marketplace ‖‖ Flickr ‖‖ Flickr Group ‖‖ Blog.

New! Lovington Gacha Set @ The Liaison Collaborative, open until February 28.
* 8 commons and a rare skybox, all with materials enabled and copy/modify/no transfer
‖‖ Flickr Ad Picture.

✔ Rug and cushions: Rug 4Li, Cushion (white heart) 1Li, Cushion (pink heart) 1Li, Cushion (round) 1Li. The rug comes with 8 solo and 15 couples animations.

✔ Chandelier 3Li, light on/off on touch.

✔ Love sign and frames: Frame 1 1Li, Frame 2 1Li, Wall frame (add your pic) 1Li and Wall sign 2Li.

✔ Fireplace portal and candles: Fireplace portal 3Li and Candles for fireplace 2Li - optional and flames on touch.

✔ Table Lamp, Tabouret and Coffee table: Table lamp 2Li - light on/off on touch, Tabouret 1Li with 12 sit animations and Coffee table 1Li.

✔ Two Wall Sconces/Lamps, 1Li each, light on/off on touch. (Not shown on picture).

✔ Rare Skybox with 3 rooms, 61Li and footprint 21x21.

■ Hartington Gacha Set
*12 commons and 1 rare Cottage ‖‖ Flickr Ad Picture. Shown on picture:

✔ Mirror 1Li.
✔ Embroidery: two sets each 1Li.
✔ Curtains: 2 pieces per pack, 4Li each.
✔ Frames 1Li.

■ Maylett living room set
*Flickr Ad picture ‖‖ From this set I used:

✔ Coffee table with decor (linked) 4Li.
✔ Lounger Sofa 6Li.
✔  Candles 1Li.
✔ Also using the Clarendon sofa (11Li).

More credits
Apple Fall Snowdrops in Cloche.
Apple Fall Pug Ceramic Decor.

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