March 11, 2018

Create your own magical place

Happy Sunday! Today's post has amazing furniture and decor set to make a magical place for you and yours. It features:
🗸 Plastik Triginitie Pub Set for Decocrate March.
🗸 Raindale Easels Collection weekend promo and Lanrene bed.
🗸 RJD Miles End Bungalow for Illuminate.

Get all the information in the credits below.

Featuring items

🏡 Pub Set: Plastik by Aikea Rieko - New! Triginitie Pub Set @ Decocrate March.

*Set consists of 4 bar stools with 12 animations and table, knot wall art and knot decor.
*All copy, modify and between 1-2Li .
*Knot Decor and Wallart comes in Bright, Golden and Duo color.
*Decocrate March theme is "Days In Dublin" and comes with furniture and buildings from 14 designers including Plastik for just 3000L. See the photo's off all items here.

✉ Plastik:
Mainstore ‖‖ Marketplace ‖‖ Flickr ‖‖ Flickr Group  ‖‖ Facebook ‖‖ 
Twitter ‖‖ Website ‖‖ Tumblr.

🏡 Bed: Raindale by Keiralans Resident - Lanrene bed New in Mainstore!

*Bed 13Li, Canopy 5Li and it comes with Texture Hud for 200L
*Customizable with 2 styles for metal, 5 textures for blanket, tinting options on hud to change sheet, pillows, blanket and canopy colors.
*Bed is PG-13 and comes with 10 solo and 20 couple animations.

🏡 Easels: Raindale by Keiralans Resident - New & Sale! Easels collection.

*Fly Buy Weekend promo for 50L, free hud on Marketplace.
*Easels Collection comes with 2 versions, v1 of 1Li and v2 of 2Li.
* Customizable frames, materials enabled and copy/modify.

Mainstore ‖‖ Marketplace ‖‖ Flickr ‖‖ Flickr Group ‖‖ Blog

🏡 Bungalow: RJD by RickJ Ewing -  New! Miles End Coming Soon at Illuminate.

*Open Plan Bungalow with floating stairs and open loft area.
*33Li, Modify/Copy/No Transfer and materials enhanced.
*Miles End will be available for 249L at Illuminate, opens on March 18 at 12 AM SLT.
*Illuminate is a new Monthly Home and Garden only Event by LTD & ULTRA Events, stay up to date and like it on Facebook and Flickr.

Mainstore ‖‖ Marketplace  ‖‖ Facebook ‖‖ Flickr ‖‖ Flickr Group ‖‖ RJD House demo’s on Marketplace


More credits
Pond and animals: TLC Home Collection by True Redrose & Lautlos - Otter Pond.
Swans: {anc} by Aki69 - Miniature/H. swan {cloud}.
Bridge: DaD Design by Sheerpetal Roussel - Covered Bridge(used as garage).
Patio Set: Aphrodite by Jaylin Whitewood & Marina Ramer - New! Shabby patio table set @ Sanarae, open until March 18.
Radio Frames: Krescendo by KrescendoStore Resident - Radio Frames from the Rock Retreat Gacha.
Bar: Death Row Designs by Jaimy Hancroft - Beer Bar from the Garden Party Gacha.
Trees: Little Branch by Cari McKeenan - WinterBrise & Dracaena.
Grass: Raindale by Keiralans Resident - Meadow spring.

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