April 26, 2018

Keep your light on

Featuring Virtual Diva Devotion Couture Gown in Aqua.

Keep your light on during the dark days.
The mourning will end in time and the memories will last forever.

Featuring item

■ Gown: Virtual Diva by Angels Kristan - New! Devotion Couture.

*Comes in 8 colors, 349L per color and 670L for the fatpack.
*Compatible with Maitreya Bodies.
*You can get them on Marketplace here.

 Virtual Diva
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More credits
Head/Makeup: Akeruka by Kaoz Koba - Rachel.
Body: Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle - Lara.
Skin: Milan by Milan Jones - Mae.
Hair: Love by Blizzlike Nyoki - Self Entitled.
Veil: Spartin Parx by Spartin Parx - New! Shell Veil @ Blossoms Event, open until April 30.
Pose/Prop: Belle Poses by Antonia Millar - Winona 1.

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