April 21, 2018

Spring welcomes you

Featuring Raindale Brightshore gacha at The Liaison Collaborative.

"Be bright, be bold, be you"

Featuring item

Furniture Gacha: Raindale le by Keiralans Resident - New! Brightshore
The Liaison Collaborative
open until April 26.

This gacha collection has 8 Common prizes and 1 Rare Cabana. All items have materials enabled and are No-Copy/Modify/Transfer items. You can play it for 50L per play.
  • Rare Cabana is 25Li with a footprint of 7x5. It comes with a hud of 8 colors to change the walls, roofs, floor and stairs. There is also an option to tint the white wood and windows frames. Windows are scripted with Kooldoor system, just touch to open or close!
Common prizes:
  • Wall sign: 2Li, each line can be color changed, 5 color options.
  • Welcome sign: 1Li, letters can be color changed, 5 color options.
  • Drinks: 2Li, touch to get a drink it comes with bento drinking animation.
  • Cupcakes: 2Li, touch to get a cupcake.
  • Tables: 2Li, comes in 2 versions (plain wood and rainbow).
  • Benches: 4Li, comes in the color combination teal/yellow, blue/purple, red/light. They also come with a hud to switch between the colors. All the benches also have 14 solo and 8 couples animations.

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