May 29, 2018

Depths of despair

Featuring Venge Morpheus Eyeshadow and Goth Tones Lipstick & Firelight Jamie Unisex Hair at Swank Event.

There is a slender man behind me. As a matter of fact, there is more than one, I believe. Dark companions sucking the light out of me feeding the void that I feel.

Featuring items

■ Makeup: Venge by Vixn Dagger - Morpheus Eyeshadow and Goth Tones Lipstick.
  • Morpheus is for Catwa and Omega heads, 9 colors for 349L also on Marketplace!
  • Goth Tones Lipstick with 6 colors also for Catwa and Omega heads.
✉ Venge
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■ Hair: Firelight by Teresa Firelight - New! Jamie Unisex @ Swank Event, open until May 31.
  • Rigged & Unrigged Mesh hair with resizer.
  • Browns, B&W, Blonds, Essentials and Reds Packs comes with 12 colors for 250L,
    Darks Packs has 18 colors for 275L, Mega Pack has 24 colors for 300L and the fatpack is 695L. All colors come with color tint wheel.
✉ Firelight is a We Love To Blog Designer:
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More credits
Head: Catwa by Catwa Clip - Dino.
Body: Signature by Mona Delpiaz - Geralt.
Skin: Not Found by Julio Costa - Hunter.
Bites: Cureless[+] by Kaorinette - Dog Bite Groupgift.
Eyes: Conviction by Cruxcifer Resident - New! Opium for LookBook.
Vest: Meva by Mea Carnell - Carter.
Ears: Swallow by Luciayes Magic - Rox.
Earrings & Chains: CerberusXing by Kayamari - Heavily Nailed & Rusty Chains.
Building & Choker: Anxiety by Max1ma & Migrainepill - Plastik Choker from Motel Hell Gacha.
Pose: Wrong by Satanlovem - Bento Static Male Poses 28 W29-4.

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