July 11, 2018

Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

Featuring Dark Passions Sleek & Somber Nail Appliers & Raindale Water's edge summer hideout and gifts at Cosmopolitan.

"Looks like nothing is gonna change, everything seems to stay the same. I can't do what ten people tell me to do so I guess I'll remain the same. I'm sitting here resting my bones and this loneliness won't leave me alone. This two thousand miles I roamed just to make this dock my home. Now I'm just sitting on the dock of the bay."

More about featuring items from Dark Passions & Raindale

🌊 Dark Passions Sleek & Somber Nail Appliers.
✉  Dark Passions by Bcreative Wilde
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🌊 New! Raindale Water's edge Summer Hideout at Cosmopolitan until July 14.
  • Water's Edge for 250L is Copy/Modify and comes with 10 solo and 20 couples (PG) animations.
  • Blankets have a hud to change into 5 colors options each.
  • Land impact is 29Li with unlinked balloons of 1Li.
  • Gifts for Cosmopolitan members are a lantern and 2 balloons, each 1Li.
    Group is free to join: !!Cosmopolitan Club & Lounge!!
✉ Raindale by Keiralans Resident
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More credits

Head: Lelutka by Minnu Palen & Jaden Art - Simone.
Body: Belleza by Tricky Boucher - Freya.
Skin: Revoul by Ezekiel Revoul Middleton - Kara.
Eyes: Euphoric by Demi Placebo - New! Amazon Eyes Applier at Vanity until July 25.
Hair: Y-U by Arsen V.Garçon - New! Ciara.
Jumpsuit: Addams by AmaliaRainwood - Lillian.
Handkerchief: Hotdog by Haydenaragon - New! Handkerchief *RARE* at Lootbox until July 19.
Shoes: Reign by Kenadee Reign - New! Knotted Bow Sandals.

Pitcher: Zen Creations by Zhoie Zimermann - Easter Flower Pitcher
Lights & Grass: [ keke ] by Kean Kelly - Bottle lights on a string & Fluffy Grass.
Swans & Parasol: {anc} by aki69 - Miniature H. swan & Hatsuyume wind parasol.
Trees: Little Branch by Cari McKeenan - GiantBeech.

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Music Otis Redding (Sittin'On) The Dock Of The Bay

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