August 8, 2019

This post features the following designers and items:

Kosmetik Kosmos Eyes
Vanity Hair Charms Hair
VENGE Gothic Cross Jewelry at Gacha Gardens

━━━━━━ KOSMETIK ━━━━━━

Item: Kosmos Eyes

Catwa & Omega HUD Applier
Also includes Mesh Eyes with HUD
Five variety color options

Price: 199L$ and free demo to try
Location: Kosmetik Mainstore & Marketplace

Kosmetik by Merredyth Resident
Mainstore  ❙  Marketplace  ❙  Website  ❙  Facebook  ❙  Flickr  ❙  Flickr Group

━━━━━━   VANITY HAIR   ━━━━━━

Item: Charms Hair

Rigged Mesh Hairstyle with ponytails
 Vanity Hair HUD with options to:
Tint hair and hair accessory with a color picker
Color Packs of 17 – 48 colors
Greedy Pack of 208 colors
Hairbase Appliers included

Prices: 299L$, 499L$, 1499L$ fatpack, free demo
Location: Vanity Hair Mainstore 

Vanity Hair by Tabata Jewell
Mainstore  ❙  Marketplace  ❙  Flickr  ❙  Flickr Group  ❙  Facebook  ❙  Blog

Vanity Charms

━━━━━━   VENGE   ━━━━━━

Item: Gothic Cross Jewelry Gacha

Wrap Necklace, Head Circlet & Earrings
Colors: Noir Gold, Silver, Silver Gold, Crimson Gold, Silver & Gold
Copy & Modify

Price: 55L$
Event: Gacha Gardens 

VENGE by Vixn Dagger
Mainstore  ❙  Marketplace  ❙  Blog  ❙  Blog 2  ❙  Flickr  ❙  Flickr Group  ❙  Facebook  ❙  Plurk  ❙  Instagram ❙ Twitter  ❙ Pinterest

More Credits
Head: Catwa by Catwa Clip - Catya v3.2.
Body: Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle - Lara V4.1.
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ by Xo Mai & Luciayes Magic - High Definition.
Freckles: [KULA] by Lilbitsss - Fern.
Eyeshadow: Studio Exposure by Ashamti - Heavy Eyeliner 03.
Lipstick: Prada Beauty by Msuconic - Big Gloss.
Nose Rings: ILLMATIC by Kaiden Trill - Double Nose Stud.
Outfit: Pixicat by Areve - Iris.
Lighting: LUMIPro by Stefan Buscaylet - LUMIPro 18.
Backdrop: Adorably Strange Wares by Violet Draesia - The Little Red.

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