December 23, 2019

Endless Nights

This is a decor and furniture blog post featuring:

Quality Gardens Ginevra Old Stone Wall 
Raindale Northsong Cabin, Whimsical Topiary Tree & Holiday Topiary

Read all about these, where to find them and more items below!




Quality Gardens


Item: Ginevra Old Stone Wall

Stone Wall has 7 prims
Copy & Modify
Price: 250L$
Event: Designer Circle until December 28

Quality Gardens by LiamLionhearte Resident & BellaLionhearte,
a We Love To Blog Designer





Northsong Gacha using:
Poles with Light - 4 Land Impact
Rare Cabin with a snow cap and string lights
50L$ per play at The Arcade

Holiday Topiary 
Reindeer & Gift with and no lights
1-4 Land Impact
250L$ at Santa Inc

Whimsical Topiary Xmas Tree Special Edition
Includes 2 tree versions + Stars and string lights
Wanderlust weekend at Raindale for 50L$
Regular version available for 200L$

Other Raindale items used:

All items have SL Materials enabled
and have modify permissions

Raindale by Keiralans Resident

More Credits
Grass & Flowers: HPMD by Sasaya Kayo - Sweet Garden.
Skybox: .:TD:. by Ankoku Starfall - Star/Sky Dome.

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