February 3, 2020

Pure Love

This is a decor and furniture post featuring a lot of items from




━━━━ RAINDALE ━━━━

Faeheart Gacha
This Collection has 9 commons and 1 rare items
Showing in the pictures are: 
Mini Garden, Hanging Chair, Brown Swing,
Rare Gazebo, Green Bench, Green Stools (used as tables),
Feaheart Seed Of Inspirations 1 & 2 (heart plants)
These are rare items won after 20 plays
Permissions: Transfer & Modify
SL Materials enabled
Price: 50L$ per play

Wonderland Mushrooms
Comes in Frost & Pastel Edition. In this post I am using the pastel edition.
Included are 15 mushrooms of 5 types and 3 colors of each type.
Some are deco only and some have particles that turn on/off on touch
Some mushrooms come with seat of 10 animations
Permissions: Copy & Modify
Between 1-3 prims/land impact
SL Materials enabled
Price: 250L$

Other Raindale items in the pictures:

Raindale by Keiralans Resident

Body - Cosmetics - Accessories
Head: GENUS Project by Genusproject - Genus Classic.
Body: Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle - Lara v5.0.
Skin: The Face by NatalieWells - Acacia.
Eyes: LOTUS. by Lilanachristina - Majestic 04.
Hair: Stealthic by Stealthic - Lithe.
Jumpsuit: LYBRA by Lybra Rage - Andrea Groupgift.
Shoes: erratic by Erratic Rain - ira.
Cat: [Black Bantam] by Stasey Oller - Fluffy Kitty V2 Green Eyes

Decor - Lighting
Rocks: FROG Creations by Master1 Frog - Rocky hill 001.
Schrub: Little Branch by Cari McKeenan - Japanese Maple Shrub.
Grass: Fourth Wall by Will Corrigan - Essential Grass Light Green.
Fruit: {vespertine} by Amelie Knelstrom - summertime fruit platter.
Books: {moss&mink} by Cielo Capalini - Book & birds stack.
Candles: DRD by Deathrowdesigns - Bloodcroft Castle Crypt Candles.
Lighting: LUMIPro by Stefan Buscaylet - LUMIPro 18.

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