June 17, 2011

❣ Never Lose Hope ❣

I couldn't attend 105 after all due to rl appointments, but I have been focus on styling myself and taking pictures. I love it! 
And for the next graduation I am going to be on vacation but I am bringing my laptop. Also because I live in Europe right now it is hard to keep up with the time differences sometimes, but I am going back home which is located in the Caribbean, so it's going to be much easier to keep up..woohoo.

I was a bit sad after I couldn't be there for the 105 classes so I went relaxing to put my thoughts on check. Why would I be sad if I feel like I've already made progress. Even if it is not good enough yet, I am working on it. I am also trying to be part of some contests. I find contests to be very educative and you can even meet new friends. I am looking forward to getting alot of feedback and become better!

Here's some pics I took when I went relaxing. Hope you like it! 

I am wearing AGNES FINNEY ANGEL OF HOPE dress. The name says it all. Never lose hope!

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