July 23, 2011

Some rambling and Vanity Hair contest!


Today I will post my picture submittions for the first ever Vanity Hair Contest! You can submit a total of 5 pics. I was planning on doing the 105 classes this weekend but AGAIN got caught off. Haaving sl connection and avatar problems. Is anyone having those much lately by the way? My latest problem is that my avatar seem to by a few feet off the ground and cant get it right :/

Well anyways in the mean time while I resolve that problem I couldn't sit and do nothing so I worked hard on getting 5 pictures for this exciting contest. I know I can always get better and I am not at the level I want to be but I am improving. Practise practise.

Also I went to an extra runway class with the oh so amazing Kay Fairy and learned alot!

But enough rambling for now you might think.. I will show you my entries for the Vanity Hair Contest:

# 1 
Vanity Hair Cameron HP in with shaved base in soil
Outfit: Sascha's designs Saffron charcoal
Earrings and necklace: Finesmith ruby
Make up: Baiastice and Glamorize

Vanity Hair: Bolena in nova brown
Necklace and earrings: Allienbear Design kitty cyrus wt pearl
Make up: Glamorize and baiastice

Vanity Hair Gizcious in umber
Jacket: Izzies velvet 
 Necklace: CC coco's new african bone
Earrings:  CC large silver hoop
Make up: Baiastice and Glamorize

Vanity Hair Juicy in noisette with red flower attachtment
Swimwear : Nicky Ree's bubble bloem
Make up: Miamai baiastice and Glamorize 

# 5
Vanity Hair Shizuka in auburn 
Dress: SHYMS dress gold new year
Earrings: Lazuri flower essence
Make up: Lacrima lip tattoo lynn 2 and Glamorize

:) I sure had fun making these. Tried to go for different looks.

 If you also like to participate the contest runs untill the 31th. So until then you still have time to submit your picture(s). If you would like more information about this contest please visit Vanity Hair contest Flickr. On this site you can take a look at the pictures who have been already submitted and read the rules in the discussion area.

Also here is a limo to Vanity Hair mainstore if you would like to go buy any of their wonderfull hairs.

Wishing you all a great weekend,

❤ SueGeeli DeCuir ❤

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