March 25, 2018


Featuring Plastik Beryllite Skin Homme at The Liaison Collaborative.

You see I'm falling in the vast abyss, clouded by memories of the past.

Featuring items

■ Skin: Plastik by Aikea Rieko - New! Beryllite Homme Skin
The Liaison Collaborative, open until March 26.

*Three skin tones that comes in Female and Male Version: Berylite, Jadeite and Mirranik. Face and Body appliers included for 1549L.
*Male Versions compatible with Catwa, Genesis Lab, Omega heads, 8 eyebrow shapers and No Brow option.
*Body appliers for Belleza, Omega, Signature and Slink Mesh Bodies. System layers also included.
*Linershadow omega appliers in black, blue, green and grey, Smudgy Shadow & Heavy Frecks.
*Lip Darken and Lighten & Lipstripe omega appliers.
*Muscle Addon, Bentbox Ear Appliers, Belleza Nail Applier, Omega Appliers for.
*Flickr Ad Picture + Previous Post with Female Skin:

✉ Plastik:
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More credits
Head: Catwa by Catwa Clip - Dino.
Body: Signature by Mona Delpiaz - Geralt.
Hair: Beusy by Colorless - New! Citrus @ Kustom9, open until April 11.
Crosses: Disorderly by Rogue Falconer - Removed Player Gotico Cross Large Halo.
Underwear/Top: Mossu by Akirakiyoi - Violent.
Backdrop: Paparazzi by Drew Sunflower - New! Alien Portal 6
@ Limit8, open until April 13.
Pose: WRONG by SatanLoveM - New! Bento Static Male Poses 25 3
@ ULTRA, open until April 8.
Lighting: LUMIPro by Stefan Buscaylet.
Windlight: Satomi's 2016 Misty Surgery.

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