April 1, 2018


Featuring Plastik The Dragoness Gatcha (mostly unisex) at Lootbox.

Featuring item

New! Plastik The Dragoness Gatcha @ Lootbox, open until April 19.
Play the Dragoness Gatcha for 75L$ per play. This collection consists of:
  • Lootbox 1: Bento wings with animation and 36 color HUD.
    The Animation HUD has 8 static poses and 6 animations for the wings.
    Ankle and wrist cuffs with 21 colors also included!
  • Lootbox 2: Bento Filigree Tail with 36 base colors and 21 metal colors HUD. Animation HUD has 8 static poses and 6 animations.
    Slink and Maitreya finger and toe claws with 38 color HUD also included!
  • Rare: Body Sparkles for feet, head, torso and wings.
  • Rare: Horn Crown with master HUD to control the horns.
  • Common items are: 6 uncuffed horn types and cuffed horn types with basic color hud + 15 individual bare tail colors.

Dragoness Gatcha Lootbox <3

Here are some raw shots and close-ups I took to have a better look:

From Plastik I am also wearing:
  • Larradite Skin Orinthua Femme / Marketplace
  • Koie Tattoo Phoenix / Marketplace
  • The Amalie Lingerie Witchy Pack.

✉ Plastik
Mainstore: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cosmos/206/111/23.
Marketplace: http://tinyurl.com/PlastikCatalog
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/vaelian.
Flickr Group: https://www.flickr.com/groups/theplastik.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlastikSL.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlastikSL.
Website: https://thebeautifulmachine.com.
Tumblr: http://beautifulplastikmachine.tumblr.com.


More credits
Head: Catwa by Catwa Clip - Catya.
Body: Slink by Siddean Munro - Hourglass.
Ears: Trap by Selos Dae - Triadis.
Hairbase: Vaydia by Vadea - Chanel.
Lipstick: La Malvada Mujer by Faina Cortes - Lady Ketamine Lips.
Plant: Fallen Arms Rough by Sirsprocket - Lively Plant Tree Summer.
Skybox: Minimal by Ors Quan - New! After the Storm
@ Shiny Shabby, open until April 15.
Poses: Poseidon by Gryphon Vendetta - Flight 16 / Wiccan 6 / Jet Set Skating 2 / Wiccan 2.
Lighting: LUMIPro by Stefan Buscaylet.

Connect with me
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/suegeelidecuir
Worpress: https://suegeelidecuir.com
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/collection/sj5VQE
Tumblr: https://lovegrowingwingsworld.tumblr.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StyleItUpSL
Discord: https://discordapp.com/channels/suegeeli_decuir
Plurk: https://www.plurk.com/SDeCuir
Pinterest: https://nl.pinterest.com/suedecuir/style-it-up-second-life-blogposts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/delicate_suki

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