April 4, 2018

Help me make it through the night

Featuring Raindale Easter Table & The RJD Pride House.

"I don't care what's right or wrong I won't try to understand. Let the devil take tomorrow. Tonight I need a friend, yesterday is dead and gone and tomorrow's out of sight. It's so sad to be alone, help me make it through the night."

Featuring items

■ Table: Raindale by Keiralans Resident - New! Easter Table Gift
@ Land of Rainbows Easter Egg hunt, until April 6.

*Easter Table with a cloth that changes between 6 colors of fabric on touch and Easter eggs, copy/modify, materials enabled.
*Comes with 6 Easter eggs of different colors and with flowers.
*A linked Easter Table with the eggs also included(6Li).
*Table is 3Li and each egg is 0.5Li.
*Flickr Ad Picture.

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Note: The Yellow Flower lamps on the table are not included, they are from Raindale Littlevale Gacha at the Illuminate event, more on these on the next post!

■ House: RJD by RickJ Ewing - Pride house.

*Pride House is Copy/Modify, a footprint of 30x20 sqm, 71Li and materials are enabled.
*Pride House has doors with manager menu, prim floors to rezz objects, staircase with day and night vision, windows with manager menu, optional big outer floor deck (1Li) and railing (copy/modify).
*Included are RJD Pride House Rez box with animater kitchen and bathroom, Pride House without the furniture and the previously mentions features.
*The Pride House and furniture sets are all available on Marketplace for 1299L.
 You also buy the demo here to see it first.

✉ RJD:
Mainstore ‖‖ Marketplace ‖‖ Facebook ‖‖ Flickr ‖‖ Flickr Group ‖‖ RJD House demo’s on Marketplace


More credits
Chair(outside): +Half-Deer+ by Halogen Magic - New! Silk and Pearls.
Tree: Zerkalo by Anaïs Veronica Knave & Daniel Estro - Golden Shade.
Livingroom set: Raindale by Keiralans Resident - Maylett / Marketplace.

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