April 7, 2018


Raindale Littlevale Furniture Gacha at Illuminate event.

Featuring Raindale by Keiralans Resident

Littlevale Gacha is an exclusive for Illuminate Event, open until April 13.
This gacha collection has 12 Common and a Rare Garden Shed, all have materials enables and are No-Copy/Modify/Transfer items. You can play it for 50L per play.

  • Rare Garden Shed: 25Li with a footprint of 10x8.
  • Common Ladders with 2 versions, 2Li.
  • Common Flower Lanterns, pink/yellow/blue, lights on/off on touch, 1Li and each comes with or without chain.
  • Common Flowerbed Fountain of 4Li.
  • Common Flower Lamps, pink/yellow/blue, each comes with a big and small version, 1-2Li.
  • Common Tabouret with flower of 1Li.
  • Common Garden Table of 2Li.
  • Common Flower Pots of 1Li.
  • Common Flower Jugs all 3 colors included, with or without flower version, 1Li each.

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