May 15, 2018

Come with me

Featuring Cinphul Swordstick at The Men Jail Event.

"If it seems scary don't trust me until you know me but also don't judge me until you know me. I won't put my sword down I'll just keep it behind my back from now on until we are on the same page. If you decide to come with me you'll see a new world, another dimension. There are many sides of me and many sides of this world still undiscovered. So if you take this there is no turning back, you're world will turn into a new universe full of mysteries and adventures!"


■ Swordstick: Cinphul by Imokon Neox - New! Swordstick
@ The Men Jail, open until May 28.
  • Comes in 4 versions: Cobra, Ram, Skull & Vulture, each for 100L.
  • Buy all 50% off during the event for 333L.
  • Each version comes with 3 metal finishes: Chrome, Gold, Tungsten.
  • Included is Cane/Scabbard and Sword, Copy/Modify/No Transfer.
  • Eyes can be tinted and it has a land impact of 2.
✉ Cinphul
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Showing on the picture from left to right: Chrome Cobra Cane, Gold Ram Sword, Tungsten Skull Cane and Gold Vulture Sword.


More creditsHead: Lelutka by Jaden Art - Andrea.
Body: Signature by Mona Delpiaz - Geralt.
Makeup: YS&YS by Monicuzza Babenco - Steampunk.
Hair: Beusy by Colorless - Citrus.
Horns & Mask: Immodest by Gashersage & Lili Starship - Eroded + Midnight.
Outfit: Gabriel by Takuya Jinn - Jacket & Pants from Leather style gacha.
Gloves: Blaxium by Silvermoon Namiboo - Mysteria.
Pose: Poseidon Poses by Gryphon Vendetta - Bo Staff 4.
Backdrop: CK Elite Studios by Corey Karter - Tunnel Free Gift.

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