June 23, 2018

Pure and Simple, Almost Sacred

Featuring [CIRCA] Urbanite Retro Sitting Sets at Vintage Fair & RJD Dreamville Home at Illuminate.

"It's so pure it's almost sacred. Simply put, it feels divine. I just love you pure and simple. Pure and simple and sublime, don't it seem we've spent a lifetime looking for that perfect love. Like a dream we finally found it. Pure and simple, well good for us."

More about the featuring items from [CIRCA] & RJD

🏡 New!  [CIRCA] Urbanite Retro Sitting Sets at Vintage Fair, last weekend!
  • Urbanite Retro Sitting Set comes with 2 Chairs, Area Rug and Table w/ Decor and there are 4 color packs available at 50% off during the event.
  • All items are copiable (rug is also modifiable) and 13 Li for all the setup.
  • [CIRCA] booth is at the North Sim Caldonia.
✉ [CIRCA] by Cherelle Capra, a We Love To Blog Designer:
Mainstore ‖‖ Marketplace ‖‖ Flickr ‖‖ Flickr Group ‖‖ Catalogue.

🏡 New! RJD Dreamville Home at Illuminate until July 13.
  • Dreamville Home is copy/modify and has a Li of 67 with a footprint of 20x20 for 449L.
  • It is a modern two-story house with 2 big rooms, 2 smaller rooms and patio area down and upstairs surrounded by glass railings.
  • This is an original mesh from RJD and has materials enhanced textures.

✉ RJD by RickJ Ewing:
Mainstore ‖‖ Marketplace ‖‖ Facebook ‖‖ Flickr ‖‖ Flickr Group ‖‖ RJD House demo’s on Marketplace


More credits
Potted Palms: Hive by Thehivestore - Potted Fan Palm Plant.
Outdoor hangout: Trompe Loeil by Cory Edo - Dornia.
Patio Table: [CIRCA] by Cherelle Capra - Jardin de Ville Candles.
Patio Furniture: [Merak] by Annelly Stone - Monotone.
Cabinet with Planter/ Frame Wall Art/ Plant Stand: [CIRCA] - Nahla.
Photo Galleries: {moss&mink} by Cielo Capalini - New! SL15B Gift.
Sofa: ARIA by Yelo Uriza - Eirwen.
4 Frame: ACORN by Lulu Rage - Say I'm A Bird.
Bookcase: Consignment by ValiantCo - Groves Modular.
Curtain: *paper moon* by Sohma Dix - Moroccan Straight Curtains.
Fan: Eudora3D by Eudora3D - New! Victorian Fan for Fameshed Go until July 10.
Dining set: ~BAZAR~ by Ria Bazar - Toronto.
Kitchen: [Merak] by Annelly Stone - The Happy Kitchen.
Bakin items: Dust Bunny by Noel Bunny - At Home Baking.
Wardrobe: Serenity Style by Hanstrid Inshan - New! Yani Wardrobe at Vanity until July 25.
Mirror: Oak&Thorn by Ocean Whispers - White & Gold Collection.
Bed: Astralia Creations by Astralia - New! Small spaces bed at Uber, until June 23.

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