August 16, 2018

Take Me Home

Featuring [CIRCA] Tropical Retreat Hot Tub, Sunland Beekeeper and Honey Merchant Set &
Luxe Paris Angel Blues Outfit.

More about the featuring items and designers

⬛ New! LUXE Paris Angel Blues outfit.
✉ LUXE Paris by Parisian Skytower & Mika Palmyra,  We Love To Blog Designer:
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⬛ New! Furniture & Decor from [CIRCA].

  • Tropical Retreat Hot Tub Set
    • This mesh hot tub is a 4 seater with hanging towel details, full of single and couple animations and is also perfect for sharing with friends. A total of 78 animations including auto hand drink glasses. It comes with a 2nd version with water controls for water level, steam and water jets. Items are copy only, setup is 30 to 33 Li and the price is 1600L$ per color (4 options). Mini User Guide included!
    • 6 Planters to match the tub comes in 3 types and have a touch menu with 6 pot color and 6 wood leg combination options.
    • Although not shown in the picture it also comes with a tiki torch with a realistic animated flame & ambient lighting, you can also buy this set separately for 350L$ per color and also on Marketplace. The torch comes in 3 sizes each 3Li.
  • Sunland Beekeeper & Honey Merchant Set
    • The Beekeeper Set comes with a set of 3 items; 2 closed beehives in 2 versions, 1 open beehive to view honeycomb racks and bee clusters with buttercup flower details and animated bee flapping on touch. There are 4 wood color option, 425L$ each, copy only and 3 - 11 Li.
    • The Honey Merchant set also comes with a set of 3 items; 2 chairs with animations + a version with a hanging sunhat, a tray table with honey jars and vendor sign. There are 4 color options, each 475L$, setup is 8Li and copy only.
✉ [CIRCA] by Cherelle Capra, a We Love To Blog Designer:
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More credits
Body & Accessories
Head & Skin: Genus Project by Ana Ivanova & Freezea - New! Genus Bento Head & Nataly.
Body: Belleza by Tricky Boucher - Freya.
Hair: Iconic by Neveah Niu - Vilayna.
Eyes: Go&See by Kristyna Wikifoo - Babe.

Furniture & Decor
Floatie: Merak by Annelly Stone - Lips.
Van: DISORDERLY. by Rogue Falconer - Summer Sixty Van Rare.
Dispensing Stand: Peaches by Imagine Rabbits - Summer Memories.
Ice Bucket: What Next by Winter Thorn - Palisades Ice Bucket.
Bubbles & Wind Parasol: {anc} by aki69 - Bubble & Hatsuyume.
Palms: Vespertine by Amelie Knelstrom - Birds of paradise.

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🎧 Music Jess Glynne Take Me Home

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