December 5, 2018

Purity Of Soul

Featuring Plastik Satriane Satyr Gatcha & VENGE Holiday Cheer Antlers and Yuletide Deer Makeup.

" Crystal core, you are at the still point of the turning world. The divide fearing death desiring life. Ice you were the one most tender with the rivers. You the roof of the waves layer after layer. I've just come from the Reindeer King. He says, "your purity of soul, crystalline". Gotta get you back to you." 

More about the featuring designers & items

    Plastik Satriane Satyr Gatcha at The Epiphany until December 27.
  • Satriane Satyr Gatcha has 5 Rare Sets: Satyr Legs with HUD, Leather Top with Hud, Male and Female Skin with appliers, Leather Loincloth Human and Satyr and Bento Tail.
  • Commons include: Bento Ears with HUD, Snow Legs, Holly wreath, Deco Antlers, Bare Antlers with HUD, Poinsettia Wreath, Eyes in 5 colors, Wrist cuffs with HUD, bracers, hairclip, pine wreath, leaf necklaces, satyr cuffs, ankle cuffs, leaf earrings and leaf halo floats.
  • There are also  2 exclusives available for 25 points each: Sunlighted Antlers and Forested Outfit in 3 exclusive colors.
  • 75L$ per play.
    Plastik by Aikea Rieko
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    VENGE Holiday Cheer Antlers & Yuletide Deer Makeup at SaNaRae until December 17.
  • Yuletide Deer Makeup is for Catwa and LeLutka Heads and comes with a HUD of 5 options for 249L$.
  • Holiday Cheer Antlers comes a HUD of 10 options to color left and right antlers separately for 249L$.
    VENGE by Vixn Dagger
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More Credits
Head: LeLutka by Jaden Art - Simone 3.3 Bento.
Body: Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle - Lara.
Eyes: [ Conviction ] by Cruxcifer - Opium Eyes.
Hair: Taketomi by Bella Earst - Reina.
Poses: BellePoses by Antonia Millar - Tonton.
Background: -Sorumin- by Miralissa Nastasica - Limited Edition Snowy.
Lightning: LUMIPro by Stefan Buscaylet - LUMIPro 18.

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