December 14, 2018

The Hollow

Featuring Cinphul Shard Hairpin and Staff, Vanity Hair Take Five Hair & VENGE Skadi Cosmetic Appliers and Crystal Forehead Adornment.

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    Cinphul Shard Hairpin and Staff at The Chapter Four.
  • Shard Hairpin and Staff are Copy and Modify. The staff comes in 2 versions, with or without alpha.
  • Price is 50% off during the event, 125L$.
    Cinphul by Imokon Neox
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    Vanity Hair Take Five Hair at Seduction Fair.
  • Take Five Hair Color Packs are:
    • All Blacks, Blonds, Browns, Happy and Reds for 299L$.
    • Music Lovers, Must Haves and Ombre Naturals for 499L$.
    • Greedy Pack of 208 colors for 1499L$ and a free demo to try.
  • Each Color Pack have endless color combination options with a color picker to tint the hair and streaks. HUD Guide notecard is included for instructions.
    Vanity Hair by Tabata Jewell
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    VENGE Skadi at Suicide DollZ.
  • Skadi for Lelutka Heads appliers for Lashes, Makeup, Lipstick and Eyes + a Crystal Forehead Adornment to add. Tip: turn off black lashes!
  • Price is 249L$.
     VENGE by Vixn Dagger
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More Credits
Head: LeLutka by Jaden Art - Simone 3.3.
Body: Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle - Lara V4.1.
Skin: Egozy by Nicole Button & Ritamya Miles - Megan / Powder Pack.
Hairbase: Just Magnetized by Justyna Magne - Essential Hairbase set 01.
Corset & Blouse: Thalia Heckroth by Thalia Heckroth - Kyrie.
Leggings: Blueberry by Blueberryxx - Cake.
Hands & Orb: CURELESS [+] & Curemore by Kaorinette & Psyqueen - The Twelfth Night Perchta Hands RARE & Star Gals Death Orb Silver.
Poses: Poseidon Poses by Gryphon Vendetta - Bo Staff 5 and 3 (Except the one with orb).
Photo Booth: FOXCITY by Satomi Masukami - God Is A Woman.
Lighting: LUMIPro by Stefan Buscaylet - LUMIPro 18.


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