June 15, 2019

Ever Good Enough?

This post features the following designers and items:

Kosmetik Peaceful Power Tattoo Applier at Vintage Fair
Plastik Dinah Jewelry at Collabor88
[CIRCA] Living Juette Vanity Table Set

────── Kosmetik ──────

Item: Peaceful Power Undereye Tattoo Applier
 Catwa & Omega HUD Appliers
Has 5 different styles to apply
Switch between symbols and eye

Event: Vintage Fair North Sim, until June 16
Prices: 99L$ per applier set, 159L$ fatpack, free demo
Check out Kosmetik Re-opening Sale 50% off

Kosmetik by Merredyth Resident
Mainstore ‖‖ Marketplace ‖‖ Website ‖‖ Facebook ‖‖ Flickr ‖‖ Flickr Group
.kosmetik Tattoo Applier - Peaceful Power FATPACK

────── Plastik ──────
Item: Dinah Jewelry Set
Left and Right Earrings
Bindi in Cinco/Single/Triple versions
Choker in Single/Triple versions
Color, Fades and Space Texture HUDs
30 Gemstones and 9 Metals options

Event: Collabor88 until July 6
Prices: 188L$ per HUD, 388L$ Fatpack

Plastik by Aikea Rieko
Mainstore ‖‖ Marketplace ‖‖ Website ‖‖ Facebook ‖‖ Twitter ‖‖ Tumblr ‖‖ Flickr ‖‖ Flickr Group
Dinah - C88.

────── [CIRCA] Living ──────

Item: Juette Vanity Table Set
 Vanity Table with Mirrors, Seat and Beauty Table Decor
Available in 3 colors Charcoal, Beech and Sand
The seat has 36 beauty and fem sit animations and Auto hand props
Beauty & table decor:  Jewelry Box/Bust & Glass/Lily, Canister Duo, Brush
Makeup Pots & Brushes, Lipstick Stick, Eyeshadow Compact, Photo Frame
Items have a total Land Impact of 24 - Copy permission

Location: [CIRCA] Living Mainstore & Marketplace
Price: 1275L$

[CIRCA] Living by Cherelle Capra, a We Love To Blog
Mainstore ‖‖ Marketplace ‖‖ Catalogue ‖‖ Flickr ‖‖ Flickr Group
@ On9 | [CIRCA] - "Juette" - Vanity Table Set - In Charcoal

More Credits
Head: Catwa by Catwa Clip - Catya v3.2.
Body: Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle - Lara V4.1.
Ears: ^^Swallow ^^ by Luciayes Magic & Xo Mai -  Ears HD High Definition 0.1.
Eyes: [ Conviction ] by Cruxcifer - Stain.
Lipstick: L.W Makeup by Lisamwalker - Nude 12.
Lashes: Evermore. by Etenaru - Misao.
Satin Rope: Erratic by Erratic Rain - Shae.
Lingerie: Birdy by Tyr Rozenblum - Backstage Lingerie Plum.
Hair: Stealthic Hairstyles by Stealthic - Reprise.
Halo: Aii The Ugly & Beautiful by DevilAii - Astral Divinity Star Shard.
Wall Prints: ARIA by Yelo Uriza - Solace.
Pose: HERA by MidnightMistxX - Sitting Collection 3.
Lighting: LUMIPro by Stefan Buscaylet - LUMIPro 18.

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