October 13, 2019

Call Me After Midnight

Call me after midnight, there is a potion brewing for you.
This post features the following designers and items:

Lumino_ Velvet Living furniture for Designer Showcase
Raindale Nevermire Gacha at The Arcade & Demonroot Flowers for TFC

━━━━━━   DESIGNER SHOWCASE   ━━━━━━

Designer: Lumino_ by Lydia Alberti

Velvet Living Furniture:
Stool 2li - 205L$
Marble end table 1li - 95L$
Tortoise Planter version with/without plant 1-2li - 95L$
Ceiling light short and longer version 6li - 195L$
Chair 4li - 205L$, Stool 2li - 205L$, Table Lamp 1li - 195L$

Location: Designer Showcase until October 28

Designer Showcase owner Aisha Convair

lumino_ velvet living @ Designer Showcase

━━━━━━   RAINDALE   ━━━━━━

Nevermire Gacha at The Arcade until October 31:
11 commons and a rare shed
 Book + stand and hovering book, broomsticks deco,
Cauldron touch to change firewood color, potions, stacks of cauldrons
Everything is 1li + materials enabled
50L$ per play

Demonroot Flowers at The Fantasy Collective until November 10:
Potted Eye Flowers that comes in 3 colors
3li and materials enabled
Copy, Modify, No-transfer

Raindale by Keiralans Resident
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More Credits
Lighted Branches: Soy by Soyoy - Raindrops Curtain.
Spiders: +Half-Deer+ by Halogen Magic Spiders Trail + Group Medium.
Manniquin: ::Static:: by Nama Gearz - Unfortunate Destiny.
Dressed Woman: BALACLAVA!! by Uriah Eulenberg - Woman In White Liv.

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