June 29, 2011

Chop Zuey Girl Top 12


Today I found out that I made it in the top 12 of the Chop Zuey Girl contest. Words can not explain how happy I am. This is the first time I am getting so far in a contest and wont be the last time either. I hope I win..hihi but may the best win. The other participants are wonderfull and I am already making friends :). I will enjoy the journey and may the best win.

I wanted to invite you all to come and vote for your favorite and of course for me! ..:).
Here is some info about the contest and where you need to go to vote:

The photos of the top 12 finalists for the Chop Zuey Girl title will be posted in Chop Zuey Main Showroom.  You will be able to vote for your favourite from Wed until Sunday for a special Category called PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD.  The winner of this category will recieve a 500L Gift Certificate from Chop Zuey. However, the Judges will choose the final Winner & 1st Runner up of the Contest.

Here is the landmark to go vote for one of the beautifull ladies:  Chop Zuey shop

Sunday, July 3 at 11am SLT  - We will Announce the Winner & 1st Runner up of the Chop Zuey Girl Summer 2011 Contest.   

 Sunday, July 3 at 12pm SLT - Party @ REZ NIGHTCLUB held in Honour of the Chop Zuey Girl Winner.  Lots of Prizes and a 2000L cash Prize will be given away at this party - Dont Miss it.  


Esteemed Winner of the Summer 2011 ChopZuey Girl Contest will recieve:

a) Honourable Tag:  "Chop Zuey Girl"

b.) The Imperial Malagasy Crown Set made Exclusively by Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery.   

c) 10,000L cash prize

d) A Gown designed by Agnes Finney & named after you!

e) Gift Certificate from Body Doubles  for a Free Shape.

f) L$2500 Gift Certificate from Fierce Designs, Inc.

g.) A Party held in your honour @ REZ Nightclub on Sunday July 3rd. Time: 12pm SLT.

h.) Photo Shoot for Chop Zuey Ad in Fashion Magazine (TBA)


1st Runner-up will recieve:

a.) 2000L cash prize

b.) Honourable Tag "Chop Zuey Girl Finalist"

c.) Crown set made Exclusively by Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery


So excited!

Below are the picture I submitted. Stay tuned will be submitting more pictures ;)

❤ SueGeeli DeCuir ❤

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