July 9, 2011

Sneak peak Essence of Ebony contest

Hello all,

So I am one of the 24  contestants of miss Essence of Ebony and I am excited for the show today at 1pm SLT. I have been working hard on my look and I am so looking forward to meet all the other girls on this day. And of course I got some sneak peak ;)
We needed to create a look based on the choosen country. I am proudly doing Ghana :). I liked it so much that I even created another look and I will show this. The first look I am not going to show because that is what I am going to wear for the contest. So if you would like to come see 24 beautifull ladies representing their choosing country don't hesitate to come, its going to be amazing!

Sneak peak stage:

And....a picture of my second outfit inspired by the flag of Ghana:

'God bless our homeland Ghana,
And make our nation great and strong,
Bold to defend for ever
The cause of Freedom and of Right'

I am wearing a mix of gowns inspired by The flag of Ghana.

The flag was adopted after Ghana gained independence from the British and hence the use of the color red in the flag signifies the blood of the martyrs in the freedom struggle. Gold denotes the mineral wealth of the country and green is the symbol for its rich natural vegetation. The black star is said to symbolize the lodestar that was used in the freedom struggle.
To bring out these colors with a powerful meaning to all the people of Ghana I choosed to wear the amazing Serafina gown of Purple Moon. To get this color mix, I am wearing from top to toe; Serafine in ruby, gold and emerald. To resemble to Black star on the flag I have a hair adornment of Purple Moons Edelweiss in black, a gown specially desgned as the National Gown for Miss Germany, Leandra Breen. This represent the lodestar, a relatively bright, easily found star that is used to find direction. To lead the way to inspiration and the right path. Accesories used are Finesmith Amor’ e necklace, earings and bracelets. Je suis nails and Aleida's Malene pumps in mustard.

Thanks for reading and here is your  limo to go see this interesting show, Essence of Ebony! You are cordially invited :)

See you there ;)

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