July 10, 2011

I present you Miss EOE Ghana 2012!

Ayikoo , hello :)

I am so happy and excited about being one of the girls chosen, everyone looked amazing! I am looking forward to show more creativity and style. Also I am so honored to be able to represent such beautifull and culture rich country.

Necklace - Kunglers Extra Anemona Ivory necklace
Lashes- Bliss Couture Princess Prim Lashes
Crown Piece - Purple moon Queen of Hearts
Dress - Purple Moon Sunshine in Green & Brown + Sunshine in Yellow & Sienna Sheer skirt
Turban- Lelutka
Pearl Necklace- aDiva Couture
Eyes- Amacci
Skin- Amacci Helen Cocoa Black
Feathers- Avid Raven mask
Bracelets - Death by Rickshaw and NY girl Nolita Nights by Chop Zuey
Wrapped scarf- Overt
Sandals- Finesmith Designs Sahara

Ashanti people of Ghana

A similar yet not a duplicate of the Ashanti clothing. I let my creativity go with the colors of the Ashanti flag (specially yellow and green ) and the colors on different photo's I could see, these not just of women but also men. Of the colors I saw, the brown and different shades of orange colors caught my eye. Also not to be left out, the beautiful gold accessories that are often used as adornment. 

To get this look I mixed Purple Moon's  Sunshine in Green & Brown with  Sunshine in Yellow and Sienna. I used an Overt scarf and textured it with a texture I got from KKD african rugs plus I give it some yellow color for it to mix with the dress. This I did to give the look some influences of Kente cloth. Kente cloth is the best-known African textile and one of the most admired fabrics in the world. It was originally worn only by the royal family and high-ranking people in Ashanti society.
I also used the texture/color change Badu turban from the 2011 summer collection of Lelutka, which also has an amazing texture and has some similarities with Kente cloth. For a change of color I choosed the orange like color. 
To give it more edge and fierceness I added the feathers of Venetian masquerade mast The raven of Avid clothing, to which I also added some yellow color and has a wonderfull gentle movement as I walk. In front of the feathers you can see part of the Queen of hearts Crown piece from the red outfit Queen of hearts of Purple Moon. I edited this part so it can fit perfectly with the feathers and give it a yellow shade.
For accessories I used the Chop Zuey bracelets Death by Rickshaw and NY girl Nolita Nights by Chop Zueyand the Anemona Ivory necklace from Kunglers who has a beautifully green and gold color. Last but not least I am 
wearing sandals of Finesmith Designs, Sahara Natural.

Akyire,  see you later

♡ SueGeeli DeCuir ♡

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