March 28, 2016

Audace School of Modeling

This weekend I had the opportunity to be a student for FREE at Audance school of Modeling. I am very thankful for this opportunity. On this first day I already learned alot.
We were 5 ladies in class and our teacher was Popper Tigerpaw. She is a very nice and friendly person which made me feel at home even though I was very nervous.

She started telling us about the basics of modeling and a graduate model, Aorist, came in class to tell us about her experience. After that we already started practice walking!
It was a great class, thanks Popper Tigerpaw for sharing your knowledge and having patience with me.

Classes will continue for 5 more weeks, we already have an assignment for next week that I am working on. After all the classes there will be a graduation show :))

This modeling school is cheaper compared to other model academy. They do teach you the basics and more but they also encourage you to follow more classes after you graduate.
They are very warm people who consider everyone who joins as family. I heard about this school while I was competing for Model of the month, which is also a show they produce.

The head of the school is miss DebbieDoo Tigerfish.
If you are thinking about applying you can fill out this form -->!8605&authkey=!AJvH-cD4M1AYlYA

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