March 25, 2016

MW Styling Challenge

Model’s Workshop is a wonderful group that offers help for any model or aspiring model. The amount of experience you have, or don’t, doesn’t matter at all as one of the main goal is to improve the ability as a model in various areas. It is a great way to follow classes (often free), practice and make new contacts.

The March Styling Challenge

Theme: 1960s Mod fashion 
Presented by Amity Sorbet 
Contestants were asked to: 

- Join the Model's Workshop group 
- Be bold using colors and patterns in their outfit that fits the theme, with great styling and 3 poses. 

The judges were: 

1. Mecca Teladis; model, blogger and stylist 
2. Toasty Lewinter; winner of the January styling challenge 

The four contestants of this month were judged by how good their styling is and matched to the theme, originality, prim placement/attention to detail and use of accessories. 

Not only the judges were providing feedback during the styling, the audience also have a 5-minute opportunity to give constructive criticism. 

There was a beautiful setting and runway that fits the theme done by Suki Rexen, the CEO if MW. Official MW photographer is Lira Savira and she was there to document the evening. 


#1 Ahn Avion (skintrader.greyskin)

His styling: ‘ What better way to express Mod fashion than adding a touch of the Mod man himself, Andy Warhol! A mixture of art and fashion, just how he envisioned!’ 

Hair: Glico - Scars 
Glasses: Savant - Rebellion 
Ring: Love in Chains - Exquisite 
Outfit: PopArt - Brocade Tiger 
Shoes: Trey Kicks - Rebellion 

#2 Dox (paradox.messmer) 

Styling: He said he was going with a modern Beatles 60’s look

#3 Tiffany Mosienko (ti.mosienko)

Styling: ‘ I went with a graphic dress but I wanted something a little subtler a little softer. This is a Tans Samantha dress I love the colors. The graphic prints are subtle, I brought back the graphic and color pink, salmon and deep blue with the socks and contrast shoes. I noticed Mod boots tended to be calf length but I went a little edgier with the paired socks instead wanted to keep it simple. 

I noticed the mini dress paired well with a simple white button down shirt underneath. Kind of a pinafore idea. Mod fashions were kind of girlish and youthful. The essence of simplicity I went for a clean look almost no jewelry’.

#4 V (venum.ames)

‘ For this look, I got inspired from the 60's films industry in my country, I was watching as a child, which were and still are popular. Loved especially the color blocking of that style.’ 

Cardigan- Mimikri 
Skirt- *VoguE* 
Bodice- R.icielli 
Shoes- KC 
Hair- Vanity 
Radio- Knockers 
Bangles- Rehab 
Makeup- Madrid Solo & Zibska 
Nails- Luna 


Winner: V (venum.ames) 

Second place: Dox (paradox.messmer) 

Third place: Ahn Avion (skintrader.greyskin) 

Fourth place: Tiffany Mosienko (ti.mosienko) 

I thought the winner was a very deserving one as I find her styling was spot on, but the other contestants did a great job too! 

Next Styling Challenges 

Anyone can join these monthly contests. It is to help you improve your styling abilities. I have been planning on participating but I just went as an audience to get a taste of it:

For more info go to Models Workshop site 

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