March 8, 2016

Audance Model of the Month March

After a long time of not participating and practice I decided to join the Audience monthly contest. This event took place last Sunday 6th March on 1 PM SLT.

Being too passive and dormant is the worse, even though I have been busy with other projects.
I like doing positive activities that serve not only as a personal motivator and fun but also a great chance to learn new things and be more social ( I can be extremely shy and socially awkward).

The theme was St. Patrick's Day. I spend a lot of time styling my outfit and everything I choosed had a meaning. Afterwards I learned I shouldn't focus on just one thing but on the whole picture including runway and poses. Also sometimes less is more.
I was very nervous but it was a great event, decorations were very nice and the crowd and judges were amazing. In the end the beautiful Alarica Resident won, very well deserved her look was on point and she looked like a queen not to mention the beautiful poses.

Let me show you my outfit and the description I give during my presentation:

'Hello, I want to wish everyone an early happy St. Patrick’s Day! Now, allow me to tell you more about my outfit: The Irish Fairy.
To celebrate the Feast of St Patrick this year I wanted my outfit to capture some of the elements and legends. The color green symbolizes the return of spring, the Irish culture and revolution. Shamrock was used by St Patrick to explain the concept of the Trinity.

Legend goes that St. Patrick put a curse on the venomous snakes in Ireland after being attacked and drove them all into the sea. To honor this, the Irish Fairy tricks snakes where ever she goes to follow her. If you look close enough at her stilettos you can also see snakes on her heels.

From the mid-section spiral vines are growing in an intertwined fashion, these spiral loops symbolize unending life.
This trickster is not an ordinary fairy, she is a leprechaun in disguise that uses magic to protect her pot of gold by creating illusions. In the back you can see the leprechaun hiding between the shamrock wings, playing with her gold coin.
To finalize her look she is also wearing a beautiful champagne colored necklace which falls on her chest to balanced out all the green and vivid colors.

Even though you can’t have her pot of gold I will leave you all wonderful audience while saying: ‘May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow and may trouble avoid you wherever you go!’'.

Skirt - Enzo Champagne/Sparkling Couture
Necklace - Finesmith
Nailpolish - Adored
Leprachaun - Never You Mind
Stiletto - KC Couture
Hair – Catwa
Bracelet, wings and wreath - Tayren's Fantasy Fashions
Snakes – Tomato Park Animals and Pets
Vinyl leotard jacket - Popstar Industries

P.S No snakes were harmed to create this outfit :)

Here are more pictures I took on stage:

Nervously waiting for my turn:

Other contenstants were A1arica Resident, AEON Cristole, Agee Canto, Amanda Stanley, Aorist Chunes, Asterianna Shorland, Avasabank Resident, Catalysis Resident, CatsMeow17 Resident, Jazzy Teardrop, RedHawk Chronowire and Zexxxy Xaris.

Audace photographer Stephane Garcia (hackerpc1 lewsey) took some nice pictures that can be seen here:

Audance Model of the Month March Contest

I will be participating in the next Audace Model of the Month for April where the theme will be Easter. Can't wait!

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