August 28, 2018

Her Reign

Featuring Plastik  Raithea Wall Sconces & Venge Pharaoh Headdress and Ankhn earrings.

Part II
After her beloved moved on to be with the Sun God, she was heartbroken, but even then her strength and beliefs didn't fade. She decided it was time for a revolution and became Pharaoh herself. Although she had to disguise herself as a man in public, she was King Neferneferuaten. Someday they will know, the whole world will accept the power of a woman to rule as a King herself.

◎ New! Plastik Raithea Wall Sconces at Shiny Shabby until September 15.
  • Raithea is available in 5 colors, each for 229L$.
  • There is a fatpack of 20 colors for 799L$. Showing them in the color Sahara, one of the extra colors only in fatpack.
  • Copy, Modify, No Transfer with a Land Impact of 1.
✉ Plastik by Aikea Rieko:
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◎ New! Venge Nephthys Gacha at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival until September 6.
  • Nephthys Gacha has 30 items that include three Rare items, 50L$ per play.
  • I am wearing the Rare Pharaoh Headdress Black and Ankn Earring Gold.
✉ Venge by Vixn Dagger
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More credits
Head & Skin: GENUS Project by Anna Ivanova, Freezea & Genusproject - Genus Beta Version & Nataly.
Body: Belleza by Tricky Boucher - Freya.
Eyes: Suicidal Unborn by Eleanor Cyberstar - Nocturnal Reptilian.
Eyeshadow: LIVIA by Ayanna Breen - Nella.
Lipstick: Izzie's by Izzie Button - 90's Ombre.
Freckles: Queen oF Ink by Monasax95 - Lentil.
Outfit: Addams by Amalia Rainwood - Dalmain Body Chain.
Pose: Po^Z by Kandlekan - Take me to your Zone.
Texture: Parkins Textures by Paulette Parkin - Egyptian Set.
Lighting: LUMIPro by Stefan Buscaylet.

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